What is project 10K


Project 10K is a long-term observational study designed to gather information on lifestyle and diseases in Israeli population. We monitor the population of subjects over time in order to find a correlation between exposure to certain factors and the onset of diseases.

Project 10K combines innovative medical tests and advanced artificial intelligence methods to discover personal characteristics that can help predict future medical conditions, even before they break out. The goal is to develop methods that will prevent these situations and improve the quality and longevity of each and every one of us.

Join the Project 10K now and take part in advancing science.

Participation in the study is free of charge and under medical confidentiality.

Participation in Project 10K is currently open to Israeli residents only.

Project purpose


The purpose of Project 10K is to develop methods that will predict diseases years before they break out.

Weizmann Institute of Science is one of the world's leading scientific research institutes in life and exact sciences. We are a multidisciplinary team of scientists and researchers from the Institute, combining innovations in medicine, biology and computer science. Members of the team include researchers who are responsible for innovative and breakthrough discoveries, such as gut microbial composition and its significance for personalized diseases and nutrition. Our new study uses advanced techniques to personally characterize a unique group of 10,000 people in Israel. On the basis of this characterization, we believe that in the future, methods can be developed that will improve the ability to predict various diseases on a personal level, years before they are discovered.

We will collect data on your personal health status through a series of questionnaires and medical examinations, some of which are unique to our lab. The data is processed using sophisticated artificial intelligence tools.

Sounds ambitious? For sure! That's exactly the power of Project 10K!

What do you get?


Participants will receive the results of their tests, some of which cannot be obtained elsewhere. Beyond the questionnaires and the routine blood tests, we will conduct a series of tests at the Weizmann Institute of Science, some of which are inaccessible outside the study. Subjects are eligible to receive the results of their personal tests that will be performed within the study. You will find details of these tests below.

Over time, we will send you the results of the tests we have performed, such as your DNA sequencing report, your blood sugar levels in response to eating different foods and also a report of the composition of your gut bacteria. In addition, as a participant in Project 10K you will enjoy health-related information that we will provide on a regular basis.

We believe that analyzing the results of the study will help developing methods that may improve the health of all of us in the future. However, on the initial stage, no direct personal benefit from the tests is expected. We will send you important updates as we discover new findings. It is important to remember that participation in the study does not constitute treatment and the tests that are done within it are in no case used for clinical diagnosis.

  • Analyzing the results of the research will help develop methods that may improve the health of all of us in the future.

  • Subjects are eligible to receive the results of their personal tests that will be performed within the study.

  • Participation in Project 10K is free. You will receive all your personal medical information for free

What is required of me?


We are looking for people aged 40-70

First, you must sign up. As part of the registration, we will ask you a few simple questions to make sure you fit the criteria for participating in Project 10K.

We will then ask you to fill out a questionnaire that addresses your past and present medical conditions and ensure that you have up-to-date routine blood tests from your physician (we will provide you with the list of tests required for research).

Once you have sent us the blood test results, we will invite you to our laboratory at the Weizmann Institute of Science to have advanced tests performed by our trained staff. The visit to the Institute will take about two hours and will include a blood test, cheek sampling for genetic characterization and body measurements such as fat percentage, you will also receive a take-home stool-collection kit for characterization of the gut microbial population. We will also connect you to a sensor, which will measure your blood sugar levels for two weeks, and give you an app that will allow you to easily record your meals during this time. The study will last 10 years during which time you will be invited for further examinations at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

  • Record your meals app
  • Body measurements
  • Stool collection kit
  • People aged 40-70
  • The visit will take two hours
  • The study will last 25 years
  • Sugar level test
  • Storage of blood sample in robotic freezer
  • Cheek sampling for genetic characterizatio
  • Blood test

We remind you again that as a participant in Project 10K, all tests (most of which are inaccessible outside of research) and their results are provided free of charge.

Researchers and partners

  • Prof. Eran
  • Dr. Bat-Chen
  • Prof. Gabi
  • Dr. Smadar
  • Dr. Adina
  • Dr. Ori
  • Dr. Yeela
  • Dr. Yaron
  • Ortal
  • Nastya
  • Hila
  • Hagai
  • Yochai
  • Maya
  • Noam
  • Olga
  • David
  • Dmitry
  • Talia
  • Kohava
  • Lisa
  • Moria
  • Noa
  • Sapir
  • Anat